Factory Tour, Metz

Factory Tour

Experience an interesting tour through the CLAAS baler factory in Metz

Factory Tour, Metz

Factory Tour

Experience an interesting tour through the CLAAS baler factory in Metz


QUADRANT 3400 and VARIANT 360 – 385

Introduction of a completely new performance class, the new QUADRANT 3400.

86-cm high-performance rotor, hydraulically controlled packer tines with prechamber and new knotter with acceleration drive were just some of the technical innovations. Variable use, maximum throughput and thus faster field clearance were the features of the new QUADRANT 3400.

Throughput, bale density and comfort – the new VARIANT 360 – 385

Width of pickup, forced baling start by the rotor and high compaction via endless belts set standards for variable round balers. Combined with maximum operating comfort and a new heavy-duty drive concept, new maximum daily outputs were easily achieved.



The hydraulic prechamber now also allowed the secure and perfect filling of bales up to 120x100 cm in the QUADRANT 3200. This technology transfer from the QUADRANT 3400 generated a higher daily throughput and greater density per bale, whatever the harvesting conditions.

Awarded a gold medal at SIMA 2007 for the QUADRANT 3400 binding system.



Launch of the ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP, with 25 knives and hydraulic MPS.



Launch of the QUADRANT 3300 – new bale dimensions of 90 x 120 cm completed the range.



New cutting device with drawbar system for QUADRANT 3200 ROTO CUT / FINE CUT and QUADRANT 3300 ROTO CUT.

Extremely high flexibility, thanks to the knives selection (ROTO CUT 25-13-12-6-0 and FINE CUT 51-26-13-12-0), making it possible to work in all conditions.


ICT: Implement Control Tractor

For the first time in a square baler-tractor combination, ICT makes it possible to operate the baler at optimum performance all the time by means of automatic forward speed control. Two operating modes are available: "maximum performance" and "maximum bale quality".

Available for the XERION, AXION 900 and QUADRANT 3400.


The 300,000th bale comes off the assembly line in Woippy.

Launch of the QUADRANT 4200 and QUADRANT 5200 with a bale size of 120x70 cm.


Introduction of the ROLLANT 620 with a bale diameter of 1.50 m.

Introduction of the latest-generation VARIANT 400 with a bale diameter of 90 to 180 cm.

Launch of the QUADRANT 5300 with a bale size of 120x90 cm.